Poll: The Death of DIY

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20-08-2008 13:38:21

YFD - lots of manual credit problems recently
Nuitech - terms change to make you hold offers 60+ days
Brandarama - more like a 401k retirement investment
I-Deal - 50/50 shot at getting disqualified for no reason

It seems like a few of the sites (YFD and Brandarama) are still worth doing. As in, I can get a $1000 gift for maybe $500 or less. But the days of big prizes with minimal expense and hassle seem to be out the window.

How many of you are through with DIY?


20-08-2008 13:42:10

Freebies have always been a hobby that I enjoy. I'll continue with them until it costs me (financially, and time-wise) more than I'm profiting (personal satisfaction and financially).


20-08-2008 13:54:40

Even quoting your worst case example (which I think is grossly exaggerated) name another investment vehicle where you can [i1a1bb44a30]reliably and consistently[/i1a1bb44a30] earn $1000 on a $500 investment in such a short time? Even after a year?

As doylnea points out, it's still a lucrative hobby. Just not as easily lucrative as it once was. As has been said a million times, nobody should have ever been doing freebies as a business or source of dependable income.

Part of the reason the hobby is less lucrative is because advertisers are getting shafted more and more by the likes of us who saturate and work the system -- especially those who blatantly defraud the system and find every way they can to get around terms & conditions, and otherwise take advantage of offers in order to profit for the least amount of work or investment. Some advertisers are learning that their marketing dollars are better spent elsewhere, and the affiliate publishers are getting squeezed. The result is the smaller payouts and tighter restrictions that we're seeing now. Cause and Effect...


20-08-2008 14:02:26

this topic comes up every year


20-08-2008 14:03:05

[quote4b1858d5d6="chewy"]this topic comes up every year[/quote4b1858d5d6]

At least.


20-08-2008 14:07:55

its always dying but something new pops up.


21-08-2008 02:55:32

[quote1a054b6563="RolltheStampede"]its always dying but something new pops up.[/quote1a054b6563]

new but never better than the past. at least so far nothing has...


21-08-2008 11:12:41

Thats how freebie sites work..

I used to think TRAINN sites were the best thing ever until people started paying $35 a ref. They only pay out $45 - $50 a ref..

Then I started DIY sites and now you end up doing 8 offers for a $500 GC. Still a good deal, but it used to be alot better back in the day when there were only a few believers.


21-08-2008 13:42:26

I-Deal - 50/50 shot at getting disqualified for no reason

A little overstated. They find a reason to DQ you per their terms and conditions. Best site out there to still do ATM.

They will never go away and will always be coming out with new deals and a great value once in a while.