THE BEST DIY site in my opinion.

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19-08-2008 20:11:15

I'm not sure if I'm late on this so excuse me, I searched but didn't find much.

Here it is people.. Click on that and you will be welcomed into one of the best freebie sites I have seen in a FOREVER. Main - - Earn Amazon Points [b8f15076f35](with reflink removed)[/b8f15076f35][=http//]Main - - Earn Amazon Points [b8f15076f35](with reflink removed)[/b8f15076f35]

Basically you sign up and do surveys, no CC required unless you want to choose one of those paid offers (which offer more pts than regular ones). It has one of the best payouts in the web where 1 american dollar is equals 100 of their points and you get 250pts of the back for verifying your account with phone verification. Now guys this isn't a "OMG FREE FLATSCREEN TV IN A WEEK!!!" site; while you can theoretically order anything that you would be able to buy on it is a much more reasonable site where you would probably buy things such as Xbox 360 or PS3 games and other items along that price range. I already have 355 points from doing 3 surveys with my info and haven't even been asked for a credit card. I plan to order a 3-month XBL card for 1879pts later on tonight.

But those features aren't what sold me. What got me is the AMAZING user feedback; no not fake cheesy testimonials. The site actually allows all users to LEAVE COMMENTS on every offer available on the site so you KNOW which are good fast crediting offers and which are pure BS. They also leave kind of mini walkthroughs that tell you what page you can stop at to be credited so you aren't stuck doing endless surveys waiting for the offer site to say you're done.

I just found it today and excuse me when I say this, but DAMN this site is amazing. Extremely legit and professional with support forums for any questions you have. I can't say enough you just gotta go check it out for yourself. Your welcome!

EDIT My Bad for the ref and info thingy I'm still learning D


19-08-2008 20:31:52

600 surveys for an xbox how bout lock


20-08-2008 00:53:11

i second that, I've received so much good stuff from P2S.

Take out your ref link before you get banned though...


20-08-2008 06:42:16

[quoted336d5b6e4="cronerd"]600 surveys for an xbox how bout lock[/quoted336d5b6e4]

so 1 offer is about 100 surveys.

I you dont have a job and want to get carpel tunnel from doing 600 surveys and then not be able to play said xbox then go for it.


20-08-2008 10:08:02

Reflink edited out. Posting reflinks is a bannable offense, please read the rules before posting anything else.

I also have a problem with this

[quote13bc404a5b="JDBorough"]I already have 355 points from doing 3 surveys [b13bc404a5b]with phony info[/b13bc404a5b][/size13bc404a5b] and haven't even been asked for a credit card.[/quote13bc404a5b]

Submitting phony info, whether for a survey or offer, is certainly a violation of their terms, and goes against the notion of doing freebies in any sort of honorable way. We do not allow nor tolerate such discussions here, so please refrain from advice of that sort, to also include walkthrough discussions, offer suggestions, cancellation advice, etc. You'll be lucky if someone doesn't report your reflink for suggesting such things, I'm almost certain you'd be disqualified.