Ideal 500 Value LOL

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05-08-2008 10:02:50

too funny for me to not post.



05-08-2008 10:06:10

Hilarious domain name.


05-08-2008 10:30:01

barely legals > cougars



05-08-2008 10:30:47

sucka, i'm already processed for this site

Captain All That

05-08-2008 11:40:44

[quote8d01da19f8="DRay9911"]barely legals > cougars


Not when you reach my age...


05-08-2008 11:51:54

gotta love dem cougars


05-08-2008 12:38:47

are you 70?


[quote0215302749="Captain All That"][quote0215302749="DRay9911"]barely legals > cougars


Not when you reach my age...[/quote0215302749]


05-08-2008 18:30:53

My neighbors are like 70, lol


06-08-2008 06:08:42

[quote0a6edda6dd="DRay9911"]barely legals > cougars

Sorry, no. For one-night-stands, maybe they're roughly equal. But for any sort of dating relationship, forget it. The only time I chased barely legals was before I was even barely legal myself. I've always preferred women older than me. Not lifreakyli old, but anything up to 5-10 years is fine. Every girl I ever seriously dated was older than me. My wife is 4 years 2 months older than me. Sure, I appreciate hot young things, but prefer an "experienced" woman with a degree of maturity about her. Generally speaking (were I not married), I'd take a hot 36 year old over a hot 18 year old any day.

And no, I'm not quite 70. P


06-08-2008 06:34:04

http//[" alt=""/img004d22f486]


06-08-2008 13:50:09

My girlfriend is almost a year older than me, and was my RA.


09-08-2008 17:28:07

lmao, that site is hilarious


14-08-2008 07:04:42

[quote1a6433df46="tylerc"]My girlfriend is almost a year older than me, and was my RA.[/quote1a6433df46]

Did you live next door to her? I guess what I'm getting at is... was she your neighbor, lol?