I WANT A BIG ASS TV -- where should I go?

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01-08-2008 15:01:21

I'd really prefer to not have to do any credit card applications b/c I'm thinking of buying a house soon and I don't want my credit file referenced as it could lower my score and thus cost me tons more than a big ass tv.

Anyways, I've been trading referals for a while (Looking for 3604free.com and YourNintendoWii4Free.com btw, if anyone can do them) but I've never ever done a DIY. Suggestions?


01-08-2008 16:28:44


also, you might just want to read around this DIY section a little before you get started with any DIY's. If there was a good TV offer out there, it would be posted.

Might want to start off with some gift cards first.


03-08-2008 07:29:39

Best Buy?


03-08-2008 14:05:06

that's where i got mine.



04-08-2008 08:43:24

You're about a year too late. Right now you best bet would be to do several gift card sites, YF Direct if you want it this year or Brandarama if you want it next year. Search the forums and you'll find the sites.


04-08-2008 09:03:48