Site with Dish Network and Roadloans

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24-07-2008 08:59:03

I'm sorry to start a new topic. I've searched and not found anything recent.

Over the next couple of months I need to both get a new car and sign up for satellite tv. A while ago Incentive Leaders had a 6 offer Plasma with both of these as OODs but they are gone now. Does anybody know another site with a good payout with both of these as OODs?


24-07-2008 10:06:35

i see these all the time.. always huge payout/offer but then u have to do 2 offers like that. ill try to find one, shouldnt be too hard. you can try searching google or something for the item you want and sign up for several of the sites to check the offers.


24-07-2008 10:21:11

My searches is always coming up with product test panel or something like that. Maybe this weekend I'll take major time going through all my spam, but I was hoping somebody remembered something they saw recently.

Yes payouts are better because its so hard. That's why I'm in a unique situation where I can do this so I'm looking hard.


24-07-2008 12:26:44

PTP has roadloans but you have to buy a NEW car. not a refinance.

YF direct has satellite offers.
All the other site that have those offers have not been proven legit.