GPS for 1 offer

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23-07-2008 20:11:36

So my dad actually emailed this to me today and I searched it in the forum search and didn't get me anything so I'm wondering if anyone has done it. It's just signing up for a Discover card and you get a Garmin Nuvi GPS... seems too easy.



23-07-2008 20:20:41

You must not have done a good search, because I'm positive this has been posted before. I've heard it's legit.


23-07-2008 21:44:16

yeah this was posted before like 2 weeks ago. there are a bunch of different sites just like that with different things for 1 credit card offer. if u need a credit card anyway its a good thing to do for sure to get a $160-$200 gift


24-07-2008 04:51:17