Wanted to introduced Shopincentives

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23-07-2008 09:41:45

Hey, my name is Brandon I am the owner of Shopincentives.net. I am not trying to spam the form in anyway but we had a few members asking when the site is going live.

We have a good amount of gifts and offers and we are looking for input and feedback from anyone out there. Feel free to contact us at email==admin@shopincentives.netadmin@shopincentives.net=admin@shopincentives.netadmin@shopincentives.net/email or through aim screen name Shopincentives


23-07-2008 10:22:01

you spelled you site wrong and this post should go here.


23-07-2008 10:30:25

Thanks for the heads up! Typed a little too fast I guess.


24-07-2008 15:45:04

So any promotions for this new site (i.e bonus points/offers/rewards)?


25-07-2008 07:42:02

We are currently working on a rewards program that will be implemented. However, for right now the first 10 people that complete 100 points worth of offers will receive and extra $10!