How do you find Brandarama sites?

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11-06-2008 00:29:15

How does everyone here find Brandarama sites that they are interested in? All I want to do is look for some offers from Brandarama that I can complete. How does everyone find these sites if they aren't listed anywhere? I've seen a few popups (rarely) on other pages. but nothing I have interest in. There has to be a list of links out there somewhere that I can choose from. I guess I'm missing something somewhere.


11-06-2008 00:57:20 - you have to register to be able to actually see the forums. Once you register there is a subforum called 'Brandarama' and then there's a sticky at the top of the page with Brandarama links.


11-06-2008 07:12:42

Awesome. Thanks!


11-06-2008 07:16:20

I just ask them for their best value/lowest offer links shrug


11-06-2008 12:32:59

dont think they put out any good links anymore most of the good stuff has already been found and passed.


11-06-2008 12:39:58

anyways the 1 1/2 year wait really gets your blood boiling lol... but hey as long as all my debit and gift cards valued at $3,450 come im cool!