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07-06-2008 22:41:49

Hello All,

Has anyone of you here registered with this website before? I was bored and typed in google search Free Drum Set and here's what I found

Pearl® EXR 5-Piece FusionTM Drum Set

It looks like NT to me (but I could be wrong cuz I am not 100% sure) and their TOS updated on June 2nd 2008.

I don't know how many offers yet but was wondering if any of you ever come across with this website before.

Thanks and Happy Weekend to all! D


07-06-2008 23:06:33

not nuitech, i believe RTS said they weren't legit


08-06-2008 00:36:35

It's not nuitech.. but they have the same policy. You can't cancel more than two for 60 days.


09-06-2008 07:33:46

They are not legit....same site as consumerofficesource and freedigitalcenter...


09-06-2008 08:12:53

Lovely, another scammer website!

Thank you for all the info you posted here! D