Best DIY sites to start with

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04-06-2008 01:15:40

Hi guys,

i am new to DIY and i wanna ask what is the best site to start off with? Im looking for around $500 payout or more.

From reading around, i've learnt that for DIY sites you have to
1)COmplete offers
2)send of a sort of certificate (what is this?)
3)Wait for about 6 months to get your gift

is it that simple? Anything i left out?



04-06-2008 08:50:54

thats pretty much it, pm me and i'll give u the link to a site with all the recently used links for companies like brandaram and others if you haven't already.

Sadly I haven't found any ideal sites worth doing this year so far and that sucks. Usually theres a few for $1000 or alittle more


05-06-2008 10:23:26

I just received my first DIY prize. I did the 8 offer - ps3/madden 08 bundle from ideal hoping I would receive a $500 check at the end. But they sent me a ps3 instead, probably because they recently dropped down in price.

My time line was...
- Completed 6 offers on the 16th of april.
- Completed 2 more offers on the 18th.
- Received credit for all offers on the 26th.
- Processed on the 19th of may.
- Printed & Sent out my certificate on the 21st.
- Received a ps3 today from DHL (the 5th of june.)

All in all, I spent $58. It would of been a lot cheaper if bella bright didn't falsely charge me almost $30 for a "damaged product". Still, not a bad deal for a ps3 if you ask me. I already have a 360 and a wii so I might try and sell this. That or install linux on it and use it as a computer D