Would this even be worth it?

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20-05-2008 17:13:09

Found an NT site for the Macbook Air. Of course it's 18 offers and you have to keep all but two...so what do you guys think, is it worth it?

http//www.2-alpha-omega-electronics.com/rd_p?p=104136&t=7118&c=626384&a=25222-free laptop&gift=27736

edit the link thing isn't working but copy and paste and the site should come up


20-05-2008 18:32:05

Well, the cheapest Mac Book is $1,799. It's about $100 per offer, but if you're having to keep 16/18 offers, it would probably only be worth it if you were actually in the market to BUY a Macbook Air.


21-05-2008 15:02:14


If you are willing to fork out over $300 to keep 16 offers- go for it. I'm currently pending with the same offer and geezzz the waiting is a pain in the butt. 8)


But I finally received the most awaited... audit email from NT today! ! Lovely! ?

Oh yeah here's the link I used to register with NT MacBook Air