4 offer $500 wal-mart GC YFD

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11-05-2008 20:10:40

...or just the standard YFD $500 check...lol


the last page is 2 offers with the usual YFD OOD's. Doable though, anyone done these offers before? what are the cheapest?

The offers are
- dish pronto
-start logic
-lead connect
-diet to go
-site sell
-easy forex
-fat cow


11-05-2008 23:21:28

So far, it's been 5 weeks for my manual credit requests .. one of which is fat cow. I wouldnt touch netblue right now. They are fast becoming like all the rest.


12-05-2008 04:20:06

I wouldn't do offers on the last page yet until the manual credits start coming in...


12-05-2008 06:03:13

4 for 500 is pretty standard fro them, as long as they still value the ps3 at 600 that is the best deal for 4 offers


18-05-2008 10:33:55

Link to offer?


18-05-2008 10:38:41

[quote9c2d0c0208="Foty"]Link to offer?[/quote9c2d0c0208]

it's in the first post...


18-05-2008 10:43:50

Oh I thought it was for $600


19-05-2008 10:50:39

freegameconsoles.net. check out the ps3


26-05-2008 10:56:43

This is a 5 offer site isn't it? Also, regarding the freegameconsoles site, they were giving $600 on that with the bonus gamestop card included? Did someone actually get $600? Thats great if they still pay that. That one is 4 offers for sure.


27-05-2008 06:58:13

not on that site but my freind did get 600 on gadgetcity for a ps3


27-05-2008 13:42:11

I got 600 for the ps3 on gadget city... ohhhh like a year ago? maybe longer.


27-05-2008 14:13:40

i still can not get my password for the freegameconsoles site? What's wrong with it? Also is this wal-mart site worth doing? I would really appreciate it if someone gave me some good DIY sites for me to do. Thanks.


27-05-2008 17:36:44

call them the number is on gadgetcity.com its like 801-316-5555 or something like that


28-05-2008 15:58:42

(801) 316-0555 You have to call them so they can do it manually. Most of the time, I have to call them to set it up.


03-06-2008 11:43:48

off by one number


17-06-2008 13:03:38

For the freegameconsoles.net i am doing it for the PS3. So the value is $600 right. Also is it 4 offers?


17-06-2008 13:26:11

[quoteee33201db3="mlou312"]For the freegameconsoles.net i am doing it for the PS3. So the value is $600 right. Also is it 4 offers?[/quoteee33201db3]

Not anymore. The MSRP of the PS3 went down and the checks now reflect that. I forget how much the checks are for now.