Watch out for the "Bella Brite" offer~!

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05-05-2008 13:40:19

Okay, so recently i signed up and completed 8 offers for the ps3/madden bundle. One of which was bella brite, well i tried out their trial program and wasn't so satisfied with the results, so I returned their monthly package that came along with the trail program. Today I got a letter in the mail from my bank saying I overdrafted because I got a mysterious charge. Well I found out it was bella brite, they had charged me because my package was "crushed". Impossible, I packaged it up very neatly with bubble wrap and all, so I gave them a call and the man I spoke to was very rude and told me the best he can do was send me an email that states the package was damaged and he told me to file a complaint against usps. Well I did alittle bit of research on the web and found out alot of people get charged this "repackaging" fee from them because somehow 90% of their returns get crushed.. Hmm.. Sounds like an easy scam to get some money from unsatisfied customers to me!

Well, I just want to warn some people about them, because chances are if you return the monthly package, you will get a "repackaging" charge. evil


05-05-2008 16:05:21

I've had several companies try stuff like this while doing offers. In the early days I? got screwed several times for damaged packages or "lost" cancellations. Now I use a virtual account number offered by my credit card. It allows me to set up a CC# with a preset expiration & spending limit. If you decide to keep the product you can always up the limit, or change your payment info to your main-line CC. That way these guys can't pull this slilili.
See if you CC company offers it.


05-05-2008 17:08:18

Can you post where you found these other people who were charged too? I was charged also and its a bunch of crud. Want to call my CC but would like this info as well.


05-05-2008 19:18:25

[quote6c4215adf2="supafreak00"]Can you post where you found these other people who were charged too? I was charged also and its a bunch of crud. Want to call my CC but would like this info as well.[/quote6c4215adf2]

I didn't save any of the URL's, but do a google search. I found a few blogs about people complaining about this. From what I read/heard, their isn't much you can do because in their TOS, we agreed that if the box is damaged/crushed they have the right to charge us for a "repackaging" fee without any further permission from us.

Like I said, they best they were willing to do was send me an email stating that the box was infact damaged and they told me to file a dispute with USPS.


05-05-2008 20:26:03

Don't be scared and not file a chargeback.

Your bank will side with you, they want your business.

Then close your debit/credit card.


05-05-2008 22:59:25

Same thing happened to me a few days ago. I tried the Ivory White program (I'm guessing its the same company as Bella Brite, it sounds the same) and was dissatisfied with the non-results and mailed it back. Last week I got a charge on my card for about $29 for a "repackaging fee" because it was "crushed" and USPS didn't put a sticker on the box saying it was. I then called my bank to do a charge back and am awaiting the results of that.


31-07-2008 04:37:13

I just had this happen to me with Bella Brite. There is no way that the packaging was damaged. I think they have a crew of people that stomp on the boxes as they are coming in. I disputed the charge with my CC and they gave me a refund. I did have to provide my CC company with proof of delivery from my Delivery Confirmation receipt.


31-07-2008 06:02:23

they are known to claim your package is damaged.


31-07-2008 10:18:19

i had no issues sorry for your luck


31-07-2008 11:16:27

I had this happen to me with the Bellabrite offer as well as a different Ivory White offer from the same company. Looking around online shows that it is very very common. I yelled at them for a long time, never bothered to dispute the charge, probably should.


03-08-2008 23:09:12


They suck.


04-08-2008 09:05:02



04-08-2008 12:04:08

they treat people like crap, probably because so many people were repeating their offers 4 and 5 times. lol.


04-08-2008 12:47:54

[quote89f2cc7eb6="orangejuice"]they treat people like crap, probably because so many people were repeating their offers 4 and 5 times. lol.[/quote89f2cc7eb6]

I guess one would have to in order to be confirmed to ship on $7,000 worth of stuff from Brandarama in one month.


04-08-2008 14:10:42

Actually, no. a lot of those I had completed months and months before but never sent the forms in b/c i figured brand was going down hill. then once people said otherwise, i sent in like 8 different forms. lol.


04-08-2008 14:53:26

So you just figured you'd do sites for the hell of it?


04-08-2008 15:55:16

No, i did them back when they were still shipping 4-5 months after you were confirmed. Around july or august i realized they were screwed. I ended up waiting a few more months before sending the forms in b/c I wasnt sure what was going to happen. Whatever....