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16-03-2008 21:09:34

K so I jumped the gun a little on this one and completed my offers for this site and only got credit for half of them but there is only a e-mail contact no phone number. No response as of yet what should I do? Did I choose a bad one? Think I may have lost on this one.


16-03-2008 21:16:19

Looks like an I-deal company. If you check their TOS- their mailing address says..."MarketLabs.net, Inc."


16-03-2008 21:29:15

I never done an ideal site before. I am kinda a beginner only done netblue and recently housholdsavings. Can you clue me in a little what should I do?

unknown uchiha

17-03-2008 00:08:18

The other offers may credit in different cycles. It is not unusual for one page to credit in one week, the second in about thirty days, and the third in about forty-five. It varies from site to site.