What company is this?

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16-03-2008 16:26:21

4 offers for an Xbox 360 and Rockband special edition


Haven't signed up because I didn't know which company it was.

Any insight?


16-03-2008 16:30:48

Nobody has tried it b/c it looks shady.


16-03-2008 17:14:53

oh ok, well I didn't sign up for it because I wanted to know what the freebie vets thought.


16-03-2008 22:19:47

Looks like YFD, but I don't think it is.

Just signed up to look at their offers.

First 2 pages are standard (lots of the common offers, 1 per page)

3rd page, you need 2 offers... and there is only 4 to choose from. Road Loans (sign up for a car loan), ADT home security, Discover card, and Dish Network.

No thanks on that 3rd page... shock


17-03-2008 00:41:52

It's not YFD or there would be a yellow duck as the URL pic thingy...or at least every YFD site I have been to has had that.


17-03-2008 01:28:51

It's not any mainstream DIY site... its been around for a while. They also own partywithastar.com.


17-03-2008 10:21:47

it look slike the same guys doing opinionresearchpanel and public opinion panel.

i was going to try the macbook airsite but they yanked it that also has 2 oods as well