What DIY site is shipping the fastest right now?

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10-03-2008 17:39:47

Hey everyone hopefully this won't be considered a "where can I get prize X" post, but what company is shipping the fastest right now?

I have a lot of offers that I can do so am just looking for the biggest prize that will ship the fastest since I won't be here in like 3 months..

Thanks for any help


11-03-2008 02:37:57

I would say i-Deal but they are not really all that reliable.

YFD is the fastest of the rest. Three months from start to finish. Brandarama has a wait time of 7-8 months now for most gifts.


11-03-2008 16:18:50

k sounds good, anyone else have any other sites, guess I'll start looking for some YFD ones and post the links for the highest prizes I can find in here.


11-03-2008 16:31:26

Please do post the links you find .. as far as the best I know of from yfd, I believe http//freegameconsoles.net has a 4 offer ps3 PLUS a $50 gift card. There's also a link on this board for a wii for 2 offers.

If you find any ideal links, pm me. I've never done ideal so I don't have an idea how the heck you go about finding the good links.


11-03-2008 18:10:57

here is a topic for the best/highest paying I could find


It's $1500 for 12 offers.

There are a ton of YFD sites out there, I just copy and pasted some of the Terms at the bottom of the page and made sure whatever site I clicked on from google had the duck as the internet logo thing next to the URL.