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24-02-2008 21:16:27

hi guys(and gals) i just signed up today. ive been thinking about doing one of these offer sites for a while now and i just decided to get started today. ive always thought it is not worth the work, but after seeing everyone with their free stuff im jealous and must try it out. anyhoo im thinking about going for a 160gig ipod classic or a macbook first. so if anyone has any legit DIY sites that you recommend, can you post the link here and experiences with the company

im looking forward to meeting people from this community


24-02-2008 22:33:32

also if anyone has a link to a nuitech site that would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance for any help


25-02-2008 08:15:16

ALL the links you could ever want HERE[=http//]HERE