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24-02-2008 12:04:30

does anybody have some 6 offer $500 gift card links with no referral from ideal? i've been searching awhile and can't seem to find them, but i know they're out there...any help would be appreciated!


24-02-2008 12:45:39



24-02-2008 12:47:57

wow thanks for such a helpful post /sacrasm

I have been looking for awhile and just wanted to know if anyone had some of the 6 offer links handy.

My email spambox has just been bombarded with brandsurveyrewards (know one knows if they're legit) and every once in awhile i get an 8 offer gift card.


24-02-2008 14:22:47

I've been looking for some of those too, I don't get them in my spam, only one I can find is this.


Maybe mav can show us some of these from his spambox since apparently he gets a bunch of them there. If your just gonna say that, why say anything?