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23-02-2008 10:40:04

Anyone else heard of or checked out this site? I did a search and came up empty. The layout reminds me of Here is the link
I can't find any other company info. Let me know. Thanks


23-02-2008 10:52:19

Nevermind, I found where you can sign in, but unless I'm missing it I don't see a phone number for them..


23-02-2008 12:08:15

lloks like consumergain to me, they are legit just not really worth it. 6 offers for 500 with 2 ood, not my taste


23-02-2008 12:20:40

They are consumergain... pretty bad last page though.


24-02-2008 19:26:02

bad but not terrible. About the same as AFGC and such. I go through my junk mail allot and cn't seem to come across ny of the Ideal sites that are only 4 and 5 offers when they first come out. Thanks for the input.