Want 2 iphones or amazon $ for clicking on cool car videos?

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13-02-2008 08:07:35

I know this site is a little different than most people are used to but...
It guarentees "schwag" and if you do it everyday "takes about 2 min a day" you can get crazy prizes.

You can double all the prizes by two becasue you can have 2 accounts per household. TAKE THAT FREEPAY!!

This website www.webridestv.com has a lot of free stuff that is easy to get.

You create a login and watch free videos. With every video you watch you get points. You can get up to 250 points A DAY.

[b1aefcd6c80]The only thing i ask of you is to please sign up under me.

Referer = grantman102002[/b1aefcd6c80]

You are allowed two usernames per address and here are some of the prizes you can win and how long it would take you to get them.

50$ JEGGS or AMAZON gift card = 22 days

100$ TIRE RACK or JEGGS or AMAZON gift certificate = 42 days

Whistler 1788 Radar Detector = 58 days
Nintendo Wii = 120 days
Xbox 360 = 140 days
iPhone = 180 days



IM sorry if it seems like im trying to sell you something but this IS real. This may seem like a lot of work but it takes about 2 minutes a day. Just click on 25 videos and exit out of them. You dont even have to watch them.
The site is free, all i ask is that you please enter grantman102002 as the referer when you sign up so i can get bonus points.

Have fun guys!

ps i have already recieved 2 50$ gift cards (amazon) and i have been on the site for about a month!


13-02-2008 08:35:56

no pimping refferrals in the diy section,

isnt this one of those where is you miss a day you dont get squat.
like 180 days clicking on 25 videos a day without missing a day.
thats like 4,500 videos for an iphone.

what happens if you miss a day.


13-02-2008 08:42:52

No its not a thing were you have to get them all, you can go at you're own pace, there is no catch to this site.

I'm sorry if it seems like i am "pimping" but is gives you a box to put in a referrers name when you sign up. Why waste it?

Its not that hard to check out the site, i just thought since I'm getting free things that others should should have the chance to check it out.

Its free, so wheres the hurt in trying it out?


13-02-2008 08:43:53

im not saying you cant do it you just cant do it in the DIY section, its just the rules


13-02-2008 10:03:12

oh wow sounds good, and u kno what, i might just put ur referral id in it because in fact you found this and publicized it so u deserve the bonus points and some karma as well ;-) if u got any other cool stuff like this, feel free to pm me.


13-02-2008 10:08:42

p.s. site just crashed as i tried to register for it grrrr


13-02-2008 12:01:43

interesting how does this pay off for them


13-02-2008 12:25:07

It pays off for them because some of the videos have subtle advertisements, or are advertisements as a whole. From what i said it sounds like commercials but it not.

Like there are some companies that talk about their products, like garret (a turbo manufacture), and tire companies.

So these companies pay webridestv to have people watch the videos. Its the same way that freepay gets paid to have people sign up for their sites.

If there are any more questions please ask.


13-02-2008 14:18:04

well its somewhat like gametrailers but i just learned when u get $1 dollar on there its not the same as $1 american dollar -(

p.s. the site still isnt working for me....says it has an error


13-02-2008 14:48:36

After you request payment, how long does it take for you to get the goods. Netwinner does the same thing but they are taking 60 + days to pay these days.


13-02-2008 16:45:50

i recieved the gift card in about a week


13-02-2008 17:26:20

any idea why the site is down?


13-02-2008 17:34:50

[quote9576906f16="edgespeeder04"]any idea why the site is down?[/quote9576906f16]

site works for me


13-02-2008 18:10:59

I am reading some more on slickdeals.net



13-02-2008 19:05:04

http//www.webridestv.com/error.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/Default.aspx i get that error every time i type in the site name alone .comurl==http://=http:///url


13-02-2008 19:07:35

ah fyi i only get that error with firefox works in IE -)

i get the following error when i try to log in...help
[quote4184a6692c]Server Error in '/' Application.

Runtime Error
Description An application error occurred on the server. The current custom error settings for this application prevent the details of the application error from being viewed remotely (for security reasons). It could, however, be viewed by browsers running on the local server machine.

Details To enable the details of this specific error message to be viewable on remote machines, please create a <customErrors> tag within a "web.config" configuration file located in the root directory of the current web application. This <customErrors> tag should then have its "mode" attribute set to "Off".



Notes The current error page you are seeing can be replaced by a custom error page by modifying the "defaultRedirect" attribute of the application's <customErrors> configuration tag to point to a custom error page URL.





13-02-2008 21:43:36

[quoteccb15fbbfa="edgespeeder04"]well its somewhat like gametrailers [/quoteccb15fbbfa]

wait so i can get paid to watch videos on game trailers, i watch videos on there like everyday in the first place.


14-02-2008 07:46:30

180 days for an iphone, sheesh.


14-02-2008 08:39:55

[quote93874a47d2="RyanG"]180 days for an iphone, sheesh.[/quote93874a47d2]

faster then brandarama or right about the same anyways.


14-02-2008 08:55:16

True, but you do offers and forget for 6 months. This actually requires time! Plus on slickdeals it seems they jack up the points to 'adjust to demand.' Wonder if they will be doubled soon.


14-02-2008 10:33:21

[quote179de5d51e="RolltheStampede"][quote179de5d51e="edgespeeder04"]well its somewhat like gametrailers [/quote179de5d51e]

wait so i can get paid to watch videos on game trailers, i watch videos on there like everyday in the first place.[/quote179de5d51e]

as a registered user u get points for watchin, commenting them, and ranking them and writing blogs and then u get stuff from the market place.....any idea why im gettin that error with their site?

they told me it was a server error and they need to add more servers, it only happens to me not my cousin


14-02-2008 15:15:01

wow edge didn't know that i have been missing out. +karma


14-02-2008 17:09:40

yah -) my cousin is ahead of me on webridestv he already got his daily earnings and went to 1100 and then found out he could only get a set amount per a day lol ooops


15-02-2008 14:52:52

Ouch, they just upped the point requirement on the amazon gift cards a little bit. Still a great deal though.


20-02-2008 11:59:11

Just curious to know how and or where to enter your referral code. I registered and nothing showed up to enter a referrer. In the FAQ, it mentions that bonus's can only be made in promotional periods? Could someone please clarify when the promotional period would be?


20-02-2008 12:37:47

can't enter referrals anymore...they've suspended due to abuse