Genoures Genie 10 Offer Plasma Site No REfferals !

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19-01-2008 20:55:53

I had four offers green for me on the 10 offer no laptop Genrous Genie Site could you tell me what you received if you did the ten offer site please I donot want any useless comments I am seeing what people have earned since I will be completing this site on Monday !


19-01-2008 23:02:49



22-01-2008 18:02:54

what has have people received


22-01-2008 20:50:26

800-1100 checks


22-01-2008 21:48:13

Thanks Roll I hope everything approves fast they sent me an email telling me I need to do the last offers on the page that was a week ago i completed all the offers waiting for approval now D.