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04-01-2008 10:40:24

Has anyone who's completed one of brandarama's ipod touch sites received their gift yet?


04-01-2008 10:50:52

[quote88d2ff42bc="wiebelhaus03"]Has anyone who's completed one of brandarama's iPod touch sites received their gift yet?[/quote88d2ff42bc]

No, it's to soon.


26-01-2008 10:43:46

I got mine on the 24th. Actual gift shipped via fedex. I was confirmed to ship on 10/12/07. Status changed to shipped on 1/24/08, and I got it that day. Pic link below.



26-01-2008 10:55:59

yep, tons of people got them the other day, congrats!!


26-01-2008 11:24:26

WooHoo!! Mine shipped! I didn't even notice. Where did they order it from? Amazon, Apple...?


26-01-2008 11:34:22

And how did they ship fedex ground overnight?


26-01-2008 15:40:27

If anyone that is still interested in the iPod touch. Brandarama has another 1, & as we know they send actual gifts.

Brandarama 16gb Ipod touch - 7 offers



26-01-2008 16:07:10

Thanks for the link. Now I'm wishing I had done that site way back when. Still waiting on $500 visa from them. I'll probably do this site after I finish up the NT site I'm on now. So I can have the ipod for next Christmas, lol.


26-01-2008 20:46:14

7 offers is pretty steap for a brandarama site for only like 300 bucks.


26-01-2008 22:14:00

agreed...i did the offer when it when it was only 5 offers and that was pretty steep, but i guess it wasn't too bad considering the turnaround is around 12 weeks


28-01-2008 16:03:44

Kind of off topic but I didnt really feel the need to start a new topic for a small question...

I'm doing a brandarama site for a $500 TicketMaster Gift Card, requiring 3 offer completions. I did an offer on the first and second page, but I'm still waiting on doing one on the third page. I saw Blockbuster 2 Week Free Trial on the last page a few days ago, but it rotated to the first page. Does anyone know how often offers rotate and change on Brandarama sites?



28-01-2008 16:57:16

Gman, I think it's every Saturday


28-01-2008 18:23:18

hm, ok. thanks


29-01-2008 18:19:17

Got my iTouch today. I have no need for it so I put it up on eBay. If anyone wants to take a look at it (or buy it) heres the listing


29-01-2008 19:16:11

damn if i could get it for $300 i would buy as soon as cut the grass pays me out lol but anything above that i cant and for that price i would just go for an 80 ipod video since i just want to plug into my pioneer navi in the car


29-01-2008 19:42:21

[quote74322fa587="edgespeeder04"]damn if i could get it for $300 i would buy as soon as cut the grass pays me out lol but anything above that i cant and for that price i would just go for an 80 iPod video since i just want to plug into my pioneer navi in the car[/quote74322fa587]

lol. these things do work in the car. my friend has a pioneer thing in his car and we plugged my iphone in it and it started playing music (even though it said "this accessory is not made for iphone" or something like that. its the same software so it should work). anyway when i try to search for my listing its not anywhere and its not even being displayed under the items im selling.

Edit Never mind, I just read that it may take up to 24 hours for a auction to become searchable. oops


29-01-2008 20:31:02

lol well hopefully it doesnt jump to high and i'll buy it if i have the money by then ;-)


19-02-2008 10:00:35

price cuts announced for the ipod touch and iphone. this is certainly not worth it. probably for 4 offers i might.


19-02-2008 10:06:26

where is the announcement


19-02-2008 12:09:57

[quoteb07fdfa4fa="RolltheStampede"]where is the announcement[/quoteb07fdfa4fa]

It's just a rumor now, but probably will happen. Don't know why that poster said it happened - only the shuffle has been reduced in price.


19-02-2008 21:05:01

Im selling my current 30gb ipod video before its value drops even more.

Im pretty sure the price cuts will happen. Iv heard it from multiple websites.

Apples sales have dropped and $400 on a 16 gb touch doesn't seam reasonable


01-03-2008 11:21:12

Just received my ipod touch today!

CTS Nov. 7th First name starts with D

I'll post pics later, too busy uploading music! haha


01-03-2008 11:41:47

Wow, November. Impressive.


01-03-2008 11:47:12

Ya i was pumped. Here's the pic of me starting it up for the first time

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29-05-2008 09:59:49

anyone else here still waiting or received theirs recently?


29-05-2008 10:46:17

16GB CTS early November....


29-05-2008 12:20:39

I've been CTS since 3/3, so I know I have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go...


30-05-2008 06:27:03

[quoteb76bbc14b6="maverik"]16GB CTS early November....[/quoteb76bbc14b6]

oh jeeze, i was CTS early january... so i guess i still have a long way to go

darcel jackson

25-07-2008 12:29:40

I signed up with Bandarama in March and completed all the requirements for an Ipod touch 16gigabytes and since then they have been giving me the runaround. Even going so far as to switch sites (wholesomerewards) that now have all my information. Bandarama only has my email, name and contact info but no acknowledgement that i even signed up. Tried contacting both companies and they won't return my calls or emails. Tried for 2 hours one day last week and finally someone answered and put me on hold for 20 min until the phone disconnected. Called back the next day and went throughout the same routine until someone answered. She was so nice when I complained about them not fulfilling their obligations. I have all of my sponsor requirements completed and listed on their site as completed, yet I am still down as not qualified. The lady told me that she would get that taken care of immediately. I asked what that meant and she said by tonight. Went to the site the next morning and wow! what a shocker! Nothing had changed! So I am back to trying to contact them and of course I go straight to voicemail and when I try to leave a message it tells me the box is full! This company is the biggest fraud that I have ever dealt with yet! They are so dishonest and I am flipping mad that a company who preaches trust and integrity would stoop to such levels. Can anyone give me any advice on how to pursue this issue for the resolution of my gift.


25-07-2008 12:31:26

keep calling to get it confimred but you will have to wait like everyone else.

darcel jackson

25-07-2008 12:36:51

ok, so ur saying that they will eventually get to me? I can handle that but my concern is why do they blatantly lie to you? If they can't get to it when they say then I would have more respect for this company if they just say, "Hey were soooooo behind it may take a few months." But to never return calls or email just to give an explanation it pish posh! But thanks for your answer anyway.


25-07-2008 12:47:48

i have not ever had them not respond to an email you might want to check your spam filter. If you use the online page they will get back to you. it may be a canned message but they do respond. All things considered they are still one of the better companies.


25-07-2008 13:09:14

They've always responded to me. Sometimes their phone support is down but that is a rarity when I'm calling at least. Usually I get a hold of someone. As for e-mail support I have nothing but good to say about them. I have ALWAYS received a response in less than 24 hours and they've been helpful with any problems.


19-09-2008 07:19:22

just went from CTS 1/11/08 to shipped today

16GB iPod touch
[Sep-19-08 942 AM]

hopefully i should be getting it within a few days


19-09-2008 07:29:12

No shit...how much is that thing worth?


19-09-2008 07:30:57

was worth $400 when i signed up for it, but now only $300 because apple dropped the prices on them a week or two ago


23-09-2008 04:58:32

Congrats on getting your iTouch, but how the heck did you get your gift from 2008? I admit I'm a wee bit jealous. I was CTS in Dec and have been waiting and waiting... Did you call, email, ask really nice? Spill - what's you secret?


23-09-2008 12:17:27

Yeah, I didn't really expect to get it this soon, but I just kept sending them an email every 2-4 weeks telling them how long I've been waiting and compare that to how long they say I should be waiting. Usually they'll just send back the same old response so you need to pester them by sending them a couple replies and ask for a check or some other replacement. I think what really got them was telling them how I signed up for something that was originally worth $400 and now was only worth $300 because of the ipod price drops a couple of weeks ago. When I asked them to upgrade me to something worth $400 or more (say the 32gb model), they quickly decided they would send an email to the shipping department asking them to expedite my gift. Hope that works for everybody else, cause I know I really wanted this gift, and it is really awesome!


23-09-2008 12:24:24

When did you get that email saying they would send a request in to expedite?


23-09-2008 15:46:34

got the email 9/12, status changed to shipped on 9/19, so one week for the request to go through


24-09-2008 17:33:55

Hmm, I'm think I should do this too. As I am cts on 3/3 on this...


25-09-2008 04:46:52

I came home last night and there was my iTouch! So surprised!! I was CTS 12/20/07, initials TW. It was my first DIY that I started, so it's gratifying that I finally got something. Now my hubby can stop being such a skeptic!


25-09-2008 11:34:58

[quote821074487b="indymom"]I came home last night and there was my iTouch! So surprised!! I was CTS 12/20/07, initials TW. It was my first DIY that I started, so it's gratifying that I finally got something. Now my hubby can stop being such a skeptic![/quote821074487b]

Congrats! Hmm maybe they are doing the ipod touches in batches now. I read on anothe forum that a guy was cts 4/4 and got his...I was cts on 3/3 and have received nada...go figure


08-11-2008 11:56:27

I dont get why it is 7 offers for a 16gb Touch. Seems like they should adjust something when the prices of the gifts drop 100 bucks.
I ended up finishing them, but Im a little pissed that I did so many for $300.