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02-01-2008 14:48:37

has anyone done offers or heard of

i dont recognize the layout as any of the major companies that i've done before.

the last page isnt really ood

just looking for some feedback

link to the offer



02-01-2008 14:51:23

search, they used to be good. I don't remember what happened to them though, I think there is a big topic on them already around here somewhere



02-01-2008 19:52:22

Yeah...I did their site like 2 years ago.....6 offers for $500 bucks....At the time I didn't really do any OODs at all.


02-01-2008 20:20:31

6 offers for a laptop (even if its not a top of the line dell) isn't all that bad especially if you're interested in a new cc...

thinking about taking it for a test drive and see what happens

only thing to watch is the address issue - state license ID proving your address (so its tough to do from school if your address is different even though you're trying to be totally legit)


03-01-2008 08:15:31

I did ConsumerGain a while back - ended up having to contact the BBB to "force" them to send my gift. I think they're pretty much a good site gone bad.


03-01-2008 15:20:08

"Extremely Fast Pentium Mobile Processor"



03-01-2008 22:22:24

[quote075cc61f08="ghounds07"]"Extremely Fast Pentium Mobile Processor"


means theres a slot in the side so you can feed the hamsters so they spin the wheel...