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25-12-2007 12:58:02

Hi everyone,

Due to a great November and December at, I'm thinking about making payments on a weekly basis for http//[]http//

It'll probably be like... cash out by Friday, be paid by Wednesday.

Now, I may have to lower payouts for some offers to take into consideration the rise in fraud this may bring... like, an offer that pays out $5 may only payout $3.50 or $4... but I would like some feedback. Is this something you guys would look forward to, and make you consider earning some money with us?

Right now we payout when we get paid... which is generally net-20 to net-30. Switching things over would mean payouts would be A LOT faster.

Also, do you guys/gals think dropping the minimum payout from $20 to $10 would be a good idea? I've been contemplating this idea for quite some time now, and it seems like a good idea to me. I'm sure there are a lot of people that sign up and don't want to have to complete 5 or more offers just to be paid.

I would love to hear everyone's input on this!

Thank you,
Garrett (Admin)

PS. Everything would take effect early January sometime. And look to see paginated lists of offers coming soon as well! This will be great for all those people that still have dial-up or slow cable/dsl.


26-12-2007 18:37:58

Thanks man I cant wait until my first payment Woot Woot hopefully next week D ! FMS Freebies Rocks guys check it out !


07-01-2008 13:30:24

New Payouts and fast as well Great Site !


08-01-2008 12:31:05

Thanks nbonsu26.

All payments will be sent by this Friday. Thats for November and December payouts. After that's done, Its smooth sailing.

Weekly payments start next week. That means if you cash out this week (the 11th) , you will be paid by Friday the 18th!

Nows the best time to start earning!


08-01-2008 18:51:46

No problem Im cashing out this week D ! Anyone else wants to join me great offers !