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12-12-2007 09:39:36

Till the End of This week - IFreeCash.Net[=http//]IFreeCash.Net will Pay Instantly for its Points site for every user on this forum!!!

All you have to do, is Complete even if its only 1 offer [ there are a few NON-CC offers as well ] AND GET PAID!!!

All you have to do is get over 5 Points in our Points site!![=http//]Points site!!
then, you can request your payout via a Support Ticket!!!

Write on the support ticket Payment Request

Don't forget, this offer is valid ONLY till the 15th This Month!!! [ 3 days only! ]

I would appreciate everyone who would post on the forums a payment proof from their paypal when your getting paid!

Please Use ONLY Valid Information! User who won't use his real info would NOT get paid.
We will also have Phone verification for every account. to eliminate the fraud as much as possible!

This campaign starts now! Get on it while you can! -)

Good luck,

IFreeCash.Net[=http//]IFreeCash.Net Owner. D


12-12-2007 22:20:19