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11-12-2007 15:16:20

Whats new to Greedydollar?[/b9ff395ef9f]

You can now cash out at any amount between $20 and $300 (1 point = $1) at anytime!!!!!! And this cash out method isn't just limited to Paypal you can also receive a money order!!

So why choose[/size9ff395ef9f][/b9ff395ef9f][/i9ff395ef9f][/color9ff395ef9f]

liBecause we offer you great offers that have some of the highest payouts out there!

liWe are constantly testing our offers so that we don't have any corrupted links.

liWe have great support ready to answer questions and concerns at any time.

And we just want to see you make money!

The Christmas Bonus![/size9ff395ef9f][/color9ff395ef9f][/b9ff395ef9f][/i9ff395ef9f]

Receive a $5 bonus on all orders over $50 placed during December and a $10 Bonus on anything over $100.

Contact US![/size9ff395ef9f]

By email=

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11-12-2007 22:05:20

so the site was for sale earlier today, and now you're having a thanks.

And, you've posted in the wrong forum for about the 30th time.

11-12-2007 22:08:00

It was "testing waters" meaning just to see what I could get for it not actually selling it, unless offered the right amount.