1 week until account expires? is it worth trying now?

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10-12-2007 14:47:43

My brother registered for a 10+0 iDeal laptop site and has 6 out of 10 credits. His account expires on the 18th. I've kept telling him he needs to finish it but he got overdrafted at the bank or something. So is it worth him even bothering now? Whenh the account expires, is that just if you haven't received all your credits yet, or if you they haven't received your redemption form? If they have to have your forms by then, he's screwed. If it's just having all 10 credits he might still be screwed, if some fail to credit (and I saw something about crediting glitches lately).


10-12-2007 15:46:17

How do you check when your time is up? I know it is 60 days but I dont remember when I signed up.


10-12-2007 16:00:03

i dunno if you can. i just know when he had signed up.


10-12-2007 16:29:46

You get a confirmation e-mail when you sign up so you could check that, mwt.


10-12-2007 20:26:17

If he has 6/10 I would finish. Don;t forget the gold glitch. Crediting should be 24 hours I think.


10-12-2007 21:36:09

Finish... if he gets the 24 hour credits, or even 7 day credits, you're fine.

But do it quick... I sent one in right at the 'expiration' point, and it showed up. No reason not to try since there are only 4 offers left.


10-12-2007 22:35:40

they don't have to have your cert by the expiration date?


11-12-2007 04:53:35

[quote5d6ee8ce19="gnznroses"]they don't have to have your cert by the expiration date?[/quote5d6ee8ce19]

no, but your buddy is probably 8/10 because of the gold glitch so do the offers not in the gold section and contact support


11-12-2007 08:53:07

as long as all the silvers arent pending you should be fine