YFDirect 42" Plasma!!! (BigWin) 12 + 0

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01-12-2007 22:52:43

I think I've finally found a good site

What are the time limits on YFDirect sites?

EDIT looks like the last page is bad ood


02-12-2007 08:04:16

No time limit.


02-12-2007 08:53:51

how bad?


02-12-2007 09:32:13

[quote62561f0b8b="junkie06"]how bad?[/quote62561f0b8b]
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02-12-2007 09:46:52

That's doable really. Still a better deal than the old nuitech plasmas.


02-12-2007 13:47:18

its yfd its gonna be a check


02-12-2007 14:25:30

how big a check is the question?


02-12-2007 14:48:50

[quote83d165d6ae="ILoveToys"]how big a check is the question?[/quote83d165d6ae]

probably 1200-1500

I would say it's worth it.


02-12-2007 17:10:42

Does YFDirect have issues w/ different email addresses or anything else I should be aware of before I start out on one of their sites.


02-12-2007 18:42:58

whats the deal with the password, they never sent me the email, any trick to this?


02-12-2007 20:06:57

[quote742938c697="ILoveToys"]Does YFDirect have issues w/ different email addresses or anything else I should be aware of before I start out on one of their sites.[/quote742938c697]

Nope, no issues.


02-12-2007 20:28:03

i got it, went to bulk. I think i'm gonna do this one what are the cheaper offers?


03-12-2007 06:50:51

just call them and they will set it up


03-12-2007 15:48:09

Seems like the TV is only worth about 1000 to me. Only 720 resolution


03-12-2007 18:23:30

[quote538ae80b5d="jcygts6"]Seems like the TV is only worth about 1000 to me. Only 720 resolution[/quote538ae80b5d]

Yeah I saw that, at the most 1300, I wouldnt do it since the last page is all OOD's.