Launch of new site, how to post

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30-11-2007 11:17:22

Hello, my company has launched a new DIY site a few months back. We would like to promote our site on FIG without breaking any rules. We’d like to offer your users special promotions and online support via your forums.

Some features our site has that others don’t

Over 500,000 prizes to look through with full descriptions and ratings.
An offer search engine with over 1000 offers, including hundreds of free surveys.
A competitive prize to point ratio.
Prizes starting at 100 points which translates into about 15 free surveys or one cheap offer.
Free 2nd day air on most orders.

Please let me know how we can start, we would love to eventually have our own forum on your site once we have been established.

Thank you for your time,



30-11-2007 12:42:12



04-12-2007 19:26:01

Your site is addictive I want it all