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29-11-2007 09:45:22

Not sure if this is the right section, but it's close enough if you ask me. I know a lot of people here watch a lot of TV, and one of my friends showed me yesterday. It's the first time I've heard of it and it seems pretty simple. All you do is click the shows you watched the previous day answer questions and you get points for the ones you get right. My friend is over 5,000,000 points already, I just did it yesterday and have over 140,000. You use the points to bid on things. Anybody had any experience with this site? I guess I'll know for sure if it's legit soon cause my friend is in the proceses of bidding on something (I'll know if he wins I guess). I just thought it was kind of a cool thing and thought I would share. It's nice that theres no offers, just questions, and the points add up pretty quick. And I don't mean to spam, but if you want my ref link you can PM me for it, or you can just go straight to the site.


29-11-2007 09:50:15

what do you bid on and what do you get for reffering someone


29-11-2007 12:41:27

I think I tried that a long time ago and found out it wasn't worth it, you have to answer a ton of questions to get any sort of good prize.


30-11-2007 11:04:45

if u have no life, then go for it. i just see myself doing all this for a 5 dollar giftcard. LOL