I-Deal or scam?

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24-11-2007 11:25:06

A friend of mine just completed all of his offers for a TV. Yesterday morning, he received a call from someone named Kathy at (937) 771-xxxx. Kathy said he had to call back within 24 hours to verify his info for the TV or he would be ineligible. He tried calling but the mailbox was full. I looked up the number on Google and there are several Craigslist ads and a bunch of home sale listings with the phone number listed. I just wanted to check here and see if anyone else has heard of this. I personally have done a handful of I-Deal sites and never received any such call.


24-11-2007 11:27:38

Is he processed at all for his TV?

Sounds like a scam to me.. if they were trying to just deliver it from a purchase they wouldn't say "contact me within 24 hours or you are ineligible"


24-11-2007 11:47:08

He completed all his offers and is waiting for his ref


24-11-2007 11:59:01

[quote8a8ae1fdc7="dragonslayer"]He completed all his offers and is waiting for his ref[/quote8a8ae1fdc7]

Then obviously not i-deal.. most likely a scam/spam


24-11-2007 15:57:05

Yeah, sounds like a scam. Interestingly enough, that area code is the same as mine...and I-Deal has never been associated with anything in Ohio.


24-11-2007 16:24:16

No way ideal would do such a thing like that I say scam


25-11-2007 15:00:41

It's just phone spam. Ignore it.