Which DIY would actually ship me an iPhone?

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23-11-2007 00:27:14

I'm wondering which DIY network would be the most likely to ship real iPhones, if any?

Did NiuTech a while back, but that was before the iPhone was even released so they sent me a check, and of course NT is crap now, so I wouldn't do another one of their sites anyway.

I-Deal also sent me a check back in mid-September.

Seems the remaining two are YFDirect sites and Brandarama sites. I found a YFDirect site, but I have a feeling they'd send me a check. Haven't found a Brandarama site yet, and you all say that they typically send out actual gifts?

Yeah, I know I can always use the check to buy one myself, but I'm longing for the thrill of getting a package in the mail.


23-11-2007 00:43:58

Hmm, not too sure about that one but if you can find a brandaram site that has an iphone, they would most likely ship the actual Iphone, IDEAL also but you would get the best value from brandaram but you would also be waiting for a while.


23-11-2007 00:48:38

thanks for the response...yeah, I heard I-Deal is a shot in the dark because sometimes they give their fulfillment staff either a stack of checks to mail or a stack of order requests to fulfill, and apparently I was in the checks pile.

If anyone finds a Brandarama site for an iPhone, hook me up? I'm fine waiting...maybe they'll have v.2.0 by the time they ship!


23-11-2007 07:56:01

just buy one with the cash...


23-11-2007 09:26:53

If you do Brandarama it might be V 3.0 by the time you get it )


23-11-2007 11:28:37

[quote32765d9a8c="manOFice"]just buy one with the cash...[/quote32765d9a8c]

It's all about the thrill! D


23-11-2007 14:05:04

[quote50c4320a42="beammeup4"][quote50c4320a42="manOFice"]just buy one with the cash...[/quote50c4320a42]

It's all about the thrill! D[/quote50c4320a42]

touche. sometimes it's just about getting it in the mail with the anticipation )