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21-11-2007 16:25:43

Its been a few weeks since I set in my gift certificate and w-9 for mygiveawaycentral, but my status still says "approved". When does it change, and should I be worried?


29-11-2007 08:47:19

did you do the macbook pro?


29-11-2007 09:40:26

Expect to wait about 4 weeks to turn processed


29-11-2007 09:50:46

or longer


29-11-2007 11:56:18

[quote0e9b128555="RolltheStampede"]or longer[/quote0e9b128555]

yep yep


29-11-2007 16:16:58

ok cool, its been almost 4 weeks. and yes I did it for the macbook pro D


06-12-2007 10:51:04

Rolle you've been processed now for like 2 months right?


06-12-2007 11:36:05

its been a while i dont expect anything till january maybe.


12-12-2007 22:21:53

yeah so my account expired, and they even told me to wait longer because of "thanksgiving break" or w/e. WTF. I contacted them, hopefully it will get this straightened out..


12-12-2007 22:28:51

feel lucky. Only 2/11 offers I did went green. I now have to wait for the allegedly new 30 day crediting cycle to see if they will manually approve my whole account.


13-12-2007 15:27:23

yeah im lucky they went downhill just after i completed all of my sponsors. they are getting a little better though. Just got processed today! finally, i think they recieved my email about how pissed I was about being expired lol.


11-01-2008 17:39:21

I originally started my quest for the plasma TV in early October. The offers were all approved and I sent the certificate off and it was refused by the addressee as not at that address twice! I emailed customer service and explained what happened and they responded that the account would have to be manually processed. I faxed the w-9 and the certificate to a # in Pennsylvania and received verification that it was received....then I waited 3 weeks and emailed again to find out if I had been approved and they said to wait another week because of the Thanksgiving weekend. I waited two more weeks and emailed again to find out the status of my gift. I got an email in return that said 3 of the 10 offers I completed had not been approved and that I needed to send them proof that I had completed them and that I had one week to do so! Fortunately, I had kept emails and had bank records showing I had paid for the missing offers which I faxed to them on Jan 5th.
On January 8th I received the email I have included with this post. Hopefully now, in 6-8 weeks I will be the proud owner of a 51" plasma TV thanks to
here's a link to the email


11-01-2008 19:33:00

you needed to move your fingers in more i think you ment 42 inch and itll probly be a 900 check


02-02-2008 06:31:47

I'm pretty sure it was 51" and I got a check today for $100.00


02-02-2008 09:32:18

i have never seen a 51 inch plasma. didnt think they made prime number plasmas past 37.


02-02-2008 12:03:35

I got my $900 check today for the 6 offer 42" plasma.


02-02-2008 13:02:45

thats it? $900 for a 42 plasma -( that sucks, when were u confirmed to ship? i was on jan 2


02-02-2008 19:57:17

[quote7938963d94="edgespeeder04"]thats it? $900 for a 42 plasma -( that sucks, when were u confirmed to ship? i was on jan 2[/quote7938963d94]
not really considering I think the plasma's they were offering were like 1k.

and my CTS was Dec 31st.


02-02-2008 20:07:56

I got a check for 1512.00 for the purse site yesterday....


02-02-2008 20:25:00

wow so i guess i'll get mine next week..........1512? thats a weird number why now 1500? lol congrats!


02-02-2008 20:28:01

because they low balled him from 2200


02-02-2008 21:49:59

[quote5ed48c8011="dubbin87"]I got my $900 check today for the 6 offer 42" plasma.[/quote5ed48c8011]

Just got back from watching the NORTHERN IOWA PANTHERS WIN, to find my $900 check D !


08-03-2008 07:31:33

I was processed on Feburary 20th so now here comes the wait lol D !


08-03-2008 10:02:25

processed 1/2 and still nothin do you think there's something wrong?


08-03-2008 10:03:32

Keep checking back Homey Patience ! D