Is BMG music an OOD

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07-11-2007 05:36:53

title says it all, just wondering if anyone has gotten this to credit on YTB/Brandarama.



07-11-2007 07:02:54

The term "OOD" does not typically describe an offer that has difficulty crediting. OOD refers to offers that are quite a bit more expensive, have steeper qualification requirements (like credit cards), and/or require a long-term commitment (such as many web hosting plans). As far as being an OOD, no, BMG is definitely not an OOD. It's an easy offer, cheap for what you get, and commitment is minimal (one CD purchase).

However, clubs like Columbia, BMG, Disney DVD Club, etc. are notorious for slow crediting. They actually have an application/approval process that sometimes takes a couple weeks or more to process and approve your membership, and credit typically isn't reported until that is complete. I've heard of them crediting quickly on rare occasions, but most of the time you wait awhile.


07-11-2007 12:12:13

Yea thats what I meant OOD as in not likely to credit as opposed to cost. Poor word choice on my part.