dell inspirion for 6 offers

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03-11-2007 06:40:10


so i try and read the DIY and figure it out. I'm sure i have the general concept but no idea how to really make the determination of cost to value of the prize.

this may or may not be something worth doing but i fiugre for 6 offers someone may want to look at it.


or this one has a list of other 6 offer prizes. including 1000 gas cards


03-11-2007 08:10:50

and where You cancel three (3) or more of such Sponsor within a ninety (90) days time period from the date of Your signing up for the particular Sponsor Offers, Your action(s) would be deemed bad-faith participation (“Bad Faith Participation”).


03-11-2007 14:34:18

uhh..did you check for extremely hard and expensive offers on the last page?