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02-11-2007 11:48:24

Has anyone heard of this one or done it? Has anyone had any luck with BullsEye Media lately. I know when I left doing DIY about a year ago people were having trouble with BullsEye? I just completed an I-deal site real fast and know they used to be part of the same family. Any info would be great.


02-11-2007 12:02:50

Bullseye Media is great just a bit slower than other dba's imo


02-11-2007 14:47:18

do you if I-Deal and or BullsEye is requiring activation for theur iPhone sites? I know ref sites like TraInn and 123Stuff are requring it. Just wondering because I am interested in the phone but not the service


02-11-2007 15:37:14

I've never had a problem with BullsEye. They work about as well as any other I-Deal DBA.


02-11-2007 17:42:49

i'm sure the DQing part works just as good as any other DBA too