Brandarama $1200 Visa - 4 offers!!!!

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23-10-2007 00:02:17

Ill let you guys know the link when I get the Visa.



23-10-2007 00:12:15



23-10-2007 00:13:44

werd though, that was bs


23-10-2007 00:18:43

[quote0e2032719a="surgeboy8613"]werd though, that was bs[/quote0e2032719a]

Oh dont worry, it should only take 5 months for my Visa to show up and by then it will be 12 offers and require a referral but you will still be able to do it!!!!

Only letting people in on it that have 8k posts here at FIPG.


23-10-2007 00:34:53



23-10-2007 01:00:13

lol. the guy who did that is a total fucking douche.


23-10-2007 03:20:31

Is he serious or what


23-10-2007 05:19:38

i'm not a mod, but you guys (and anyone who joins in the thread) need to watch the language/name calling. if you want to discuss it like normal people, that's cool. but if you take it to a certain level, the thread is going to get locked and people are going to get kicked out.



23-10-2007 07:44:10

no its not for real. i know someone who link farms and he's got every page that is on their servers. no more visas like that.


23-10-2007 08:21:23

Yup, no more brandarama links this good.


23-10-2007 08:29:25

Not sure why you guys would say it is not for real. Deals like this do come along and are available. The majority of the time the people who run across them keep them on the extreme low.

Just like the World series trip for four offers that was offered at the beginning of last month. It start at 4+0 but is now 12+1 it was for a $1200 check as well.



23-10-2007 09:27:40

i'm pretty sure this topic is a joke response to the world series trip that was posted in the brag bag.



23-10-2007 09:29:22

He started this thread because he's bitter about not being in on the 4 offer I-deal thing.

He's just trying to be sarcastic.


23-10-2007 09:42:21

yeah they just pulled the 1200 link last week, i got that thing like 8 moths ago. j/k


23-10-2007 09:42:39

u mean the 4 offer brandarama $1k visa, yeah you only had what a year and a half to do it? lol


23-10-2007 09:47:22

Locking this totally unnecessary topic.

[quoted5f4a01620="teneight"]lol. the guy who did that is a total fucking douche.[/quoted5f4a01620]

Whether you agree or not with the people who believe in keeping good sites to themselves and their friends is not relevent -- both sides have their points.

However such flaming name calling is not allowed here. See you in 7 days.