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14-10-2007 13:44:49

I logged onto my $1,000 GC Circuit City site to check on status and noticed that I had signed up (but did not start) a $1,000 Visa GC.

My question why would the Circuit City card be 8 offers and the Visa only 4 offers?


14-10-2007 13:49:43

Just a different promotion they offer. You should be able to go ahead and do the visa.

If you question it, submit a ticket and ask if you can still do it.


14-10-2007 13:50:47

thanks. i just find it strange, same dollar amount, half the offers.


14-10-2007 14:17:27



15-10-2007 06:25:04

thank you! i will contact CS today to make sure i can do one of the 2 since i signed up for both but didn't start either.