amazon diet is charging me!!!

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11-10-2007 21:28:46

so i finally received their product 3 weeks later!! the next day after i received it, they charged me for a total of 108 dollars on two different transcations. Im so mad!! how is that a trial offer?


11-10-2007 22:24:15

bank accounts, that looked to shady for me


12-10-2007 00:06:29

[quote82f898e327="RolltheStampede"]bank accounts, that looked to shady for me[/quote82f898e327]

ditto. that was the reason i didnt do it.


12-10-2007 00:35:17

Theres been talk about problems with Amazon Diet on A4F also. Definitely stay away if you haven't done it yet. Hope you get your money back.


12-10-2007 04:36:04

I believe you have 14 days from the time you order to receive the product and try it and if you don't like it send it back.

All that has to be done within 14 days, I guess it doesn't help that it takes them like 12 days to get it to you.

Stay away from this offer!!