New to DIY and a quick offr question

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04-10-2007 04:00:49

I'm pretty new to DIY offers. I have been doing Gpt and referral offer for about a year so I'm kind of familiar but this all seems a little new because most of that stuff is small compared to the potential with this.anyway this is my question. I did the topbrand $1000 visa gift card and was able to do 4 inexpensive offers. I have wanted all the offers for a while so .I'm happy I waited, but can you just try products with these DIY sites like I saw a book club I am interested in for the $500 Amex card but what if I don't like it after its all said in done if I don't keep it will I have to do another offer until I keep something I like or is it ok to try it and decide later.


04-10-2007 05:18:28

One more question do people pay for reffs on the gifts that say 2 silver, 3 gold, and 5 platinum, plus 1 unique refferal if so what do you pay a referral for something like that?


04-10-2007 06:36:29

Your first question is talking about cancellation which isn't allowed to be discussed.

And there is no trading/paying for ideal referrals here