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29-09-2007 19:31:28

Could anyone who has signed up for the black macbook from this site please share the number of offers it requires? I tried searching, but couldn't find anything specific. I know the white macbook is 9, just wondering how many more I would need to get for the black one.

Also, for anyone else interested in this site, I was considering the Seattle coffee direct offer on the first page until I came across some complaints of excessive charges and the coffee being absolute rubbish on top of that. The offer says $9, but apparently they will charge your card $34.


Thanks for any help )


30-09-2007 11:07:00

Are you serious? The white one is only 9? DAMN IT. I picked the black one and its 12 offers. I had no idea. Gotta love when people say here, do this but then dont tell you that.


30-09-2007 12:07:21

Thank you for the info. 12 doesn't sound all that bad for the black one, depending on how the other 3 offers are spread out I suppose.

For the white, it's 1 - 3 - 2 - 3 for a total of 9. From what I can gather it's 2 - 3 - 3 - 4 for a total of 12 for the black. The extra offer on the first page would be easy enough, any idea how much harder the extra one on page 3 and page 4 makes it? Are those offers expensive and or difficult?

Could you please tell me the model number, should be listed on your account , so I can decode the specs? It's not specified on the information page like it is for the white model. If it's what I think it is, model MA701LL/A, you get double the hard drive space (120GB), double the RAM (1GB), faster processor with 4mb cache, superdrive, and of course the kewl black color for your trouble. Seems like it may be worth it to me, Depending on how hard those extra offers on page 3/4 are of course...

Thanks again D


30-09-2007 12:09:18

I spent around 400 dollars on my offers. They better all go thru, thats all im gonna say. I figure after taxes and shit, it wasnt that great of a deal i suppose. What is it worth, 1400?


30-09-2007 12:20:40

what network is it for? and whats the link?


30-09-2007 12:26:07

The black ones are $1500+tax brand new, they released faster ones with bigger hard drives back in May. I'd need the model number to know if that's what you're getting...

Did most of that $400 come from the last few pages? What are the offers like on those pages?


30-09-2007 13:40:22

Offers suck on the last pages. Diet plans and hosting offers. Each one is $100 minimum. If I would have known the other one was 9, i would have done that one.


30-09-2007 20:32:45

When I did the black one.....which they received the forms on friday for....they had much better offers on the last page like Keen Physic network....which required a deposit and duplicate poker which was also just a deposit...then I got away with and start logic so I paid about 150 total for the black one.


30-09-2007 22:41:50

I just checked and keen physic is on the last page, only one missing is the poker site. Still not sure if I should go for the black or not, it would mean one more offer of doom and two more regular ones shrug

Could you please tell me what the model number is of the one you just completed? They list no specs for the black one on the site, and the white model they have listed is the old one with only 512megs of ram. If that's what they are still sending out then the black one is deff more tempting.

Thanks for the info )


30-09-2007 23:29:46

Yeah Seattle direct charges a huge amount for "Shipping and Handling"

Captain All That

01-10-2007 07:24:42

[quoteae6e1d7d36="notoriusd"]Yeah Seattle direct charges a huge amount for "Shipping and Handling"[/quoteae6e1d7d36]

Yeah..companies are forced to do that because people kept cancelling their offers after they send out a nice coffee grinder and/or coffee maker. I applaud them for instituting some sort of damage control. Still makes their offer doable and keeps the industry alive.

They're coffee is pretty good too. And... if you read the Terms and Conditions, they state the amount you will be charged.


01-10-2007 13:54:23

They only make one black macbook from what I understand. Look on there website(apple's). The only way to get a black one is start at 1499.00. If I'm not mistaken a lady I talked with said I would be getting a check anyway.


01-10-2007 15:26:03

Apple periodically updates their hardware with better specs, I only ask because on the anyfreelaptop site they still have the white model from earlier this year listed. Since May they come with bigger hard drives and stuff...

I suppose I will have to call them and ask the specs, perhaps they just haven't bothered to update the site?

Also, can you recall how much the deposit was for the keen physic offer? Any other recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for the advice )


01-10-2007 17:50:26

I'd like to know how much the deposit was for the Keen Phsyic offer was too...and can you get that back?

EDIT - I made a mistake. It is only 9 offers for the black!! Sorry.


01-10-2007 19:13:58

Anyone know how many offers the HP is?


01-10-2007 19:19:43

I spent a total of $19.95, i think. 9.95 for the connection of the phone call and then I spend an additional 10.00 for extra minutes. I had know idea how much to spend so we will see, it is showing as pending. oh yea, I was curious so i made the call to the "psychic", that was TOO funny. Anyway, I am also waiting to change from pending to in progress for and Start Logic. All of my other offers went right to in progress. We will see what happens, never worked with this company before.


01-10-2007 19:27:52

[quote55074e030a="06pontiac"]I'd like to know how much the deposit was for the Keen Phsyic offer was too...and can you get that back?

EDIT - I made a mistake. It is only 9 offers for the black!! Sorry.[/quote55074e030a]

It's only 9 for the black? Are you sure? Seems kinda strange, since the white one shows up as 9 on my account. Might have to sign up for the black instead if that is the case...


01-10-2007 20:15:47

Oh wait. I did it again, lol. Yes it is 12. I was looking at another thing. So yes, it is 12.


01-10-2007 21:58:54

with keen I only did the min. deposit which I think was 10 bucks for like 2-3 minutes of talk time.


01-10-2007 22:52:43

Oh ok. I did 15 dollars. Did it go to In Progress in a couple of days or did it stay pending for the whole 45 days??


02-10-2007 13:58:09

it took a couple of days just save the email that confirms you made the deposit and the CC statement the deposit is on