- macbook pro 10 offers/no refs/no oods

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28-09-2007 21:03:44

i found this site on google when searching for macbook pro. its a 2,6,2 offers and 0 referrals. it directs you to a site with the option of 1/4 laptops including the macbook pro.

The problem is that it doesnt prompt you for a password, no email verification, AND when you click "login" at the bottom of their page it redirects you to another promotion.

I sent them a message explaining this, because this seems like a great deal. Not sure if anyone has tried this company...if so, would love to know if its a scam or not?


28-09-2007 21:14:19

um, yeah. im sure its a scam...LOL


29-09-2007 16:03:51

Well, it doesn't seem like a scam but it has got terms like Nuitech, you can't cancel more than 2 offers in 60 days; that's gonna cost you a lot of $$$, so may not be worth it.


29-09-2007 19:20:26

Whats the link?


29-09-2007 22:22:46

[quotee48a938aa7="fbskiracer"]Whats the link?[/quotee48a938aa7]

You don't want it.


29-09-2007 22:49:43

Agreed. The FIPG DIY Gods have determined this site to be a scam or very close to it. Move on.