just had a question about plasma sites with ideal

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23-09-2007 12:13:26

is it me or do they all require referrals? like i found a toshiba laptop that didn't require a referral but I cant find a plasma site that doesn't .........are there any around?


23-09-2007 12:14:03

no there aren't any no referral plasmas


23-09-2007 12:19:18

alright thats what i figured, i knew there was one before for 12 offers but thats gone


23-09-2007 13:01:08

I like to see one as well. If anyone finds one it be great if they could post it.


23-09-2007 14:25:44

They come up occasionally, but I-Deal is currently in high-requirements mode for most of their "good" sites. They often do this as demand ramps up. Then over the next few months, they'll cycle in a new set of low-requirements sites which usually includes a 10+0 plasma site or two. At least this is what they've done in the past, so unless things have changed, just be patient and I'm sure something will appear.


23-09-2007 14:32:38

like around october or november? thats good to know...thank you


23-09-2007 14:58:44

By then I should be good with new offers and will definitely do another i-Deal site )


23-09-2007 16:54:16

[quoted5f0e8a8fe="edgespeeder04"]like around october or november? thats good to know...thank you[/quoted5f0e8a8fe]

You got to think in terms of computer usage. As it starts to get colder and the college kids around back at school, they'll be an increase in business. That'll die down hopefully around christmas.


23-09-2007 18:20:08

oh yea thats true....thanks