What are DIY sites?

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22-09-2007 01:12:46

? I'm relatively new to the freebie world. Could someone please let me know what a DIY site is and how it differs from a regular offer website?



22-09-2007 02:12:32

Do It YourSelf website is an offer website. regular one. the different between

DIT to Referral Site is that--->
On DIY site YOU complete offers and get points that equals to $$$ without the need of anyone else other then you to finish and complete the site.

On Referral site you need to get people to signup under you [ from your link ] and then when they all completed their tasks [ 1 credit ] and all turned "green" you can order your money. so you need help from people to complete this type of site.

Hope This helps! )

-IFreeCash.Net Site Owner.


22-09-2007 11:47:30

On good DIY sites there are no points that you have to earn, you just sign up for a certain number of offers and get the gift... So you could do a 5 offer and get a $500 gift card or something, much better than a points based DIY...


22-09-2007 12:24:24

yea, lililili points


30-09-2007 08:56:07

What iFreeCash explained is a GPT, DIY is what the others said, do x amount of offers for $x, and usually they pay $100+ for the offers GPTs/ref sites pay $40 for.


06-10-2007 13:51:50

so what are some of the good DIY sites then? (no points)