IRC Question

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14-09-2007 21:04:43

If a neighbor of mine has/had started a site and never finished and willingly has given me permission, are consumers to take over and finish a site? I was not sure if I could possibly run into problems since the site is signed up under his name and address. I know in the past I was told that it ultimately came down to the w9 form and the certificate you mail. Also, just food for though, this site is for a clever scooter from a year or two ago that has 2 offers completed already and 4 more to go for an $800 check. Thanks in advance.


15-09-2007 07:08:02

No, the accounts are not transferrable. And if the site was started 2 years ago, then it has probably expired (IRC is Niutech?)


15-09-2007 07:19:20

The site does not expire, 2 offers are still credited. And I believe a woman or service rep told me that in the end the only thing that matters is whats on your certificate you mail and the w9 form you send. I'm just waiting for confirmation from someone else before I go ahead and call again.


15-09-2007 08:21:38

if its nuitech the old terms said you had one year to finish the site and that site is done. you have to do your offers according to the new terms and if you were alowwed to do the site i dont thin those old offers would count to you