42" plasma site...

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10-09-2007 16:20:00


it's 6 offers, i think



10-09-2007 16:24:42

lmao...looks german


10-09-2007 16:38:16

what the heck is that....


10-09-2007 17:09:47

its not for me


10-09-2007 17:37:50

i might think about it if I could read it...


10-09-2007 18:13:02

I wonder if they ship to the US...

I think it is Norwegian, I did a search for a few of the words on Google and it turned up a lot of .nourl==http://=http:///url domains, and .nourl==http://=http:///url is for Norway.

Good luck D


10-09-2007 18:45:01

how many OOD lol


10-09-2007 18:50:02

Yeah, it's Norwegian. It's only available to Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, and Denmark, though. Also the TOS is kind of oddly written, makes it sound like it's a raffle kind of thing and not a freebie site. It's probably all different offers that are only available to those countries, too, so unless you move to one of them there's no way of doing it ( I might actually try it out next summer when I'm over there, that would be cool D