Plasma TV

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03-09-2007 11:14:56

Damn I need a new TV. I made a post in June and didn't really get any responses. Anything new yet?

Are any of the sites giving away GOOD plasmas? I'm taking about good brands + good resolution + 42"+

I did offers for a site called EFG (everyfreegift) and ended up receiving a LG EDTV, which is a 480p tv. I guess you can't complain when it's "free"

Are any of the sites giving away 1080p tv-doubtful or 780p plasmas/lcd?

Another solution is doing a lot of sites and receiving GC's


03-09-2007 11:18:06

there have been tons of sites lately. i dont know what is still around now that does not require a referral.


03-09-2007 11:50:20

Wow, read the rules.