Living Christian, Stock Trader, and Scholastic offers?

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01-09-2007 14:12:07

How long do these take to credit? I know it SAYS 1 to 7 days but I've been waiting a while on them (through YourTopBrands, GiftItAmerica, and Household Savings Club.)

Thankfully I got the claim form for my $500 AMEX through Trusted Rewards and will be sending it out Monday.


01-09-2007 20:17:37

i been waitin on living christan forever!!!


02-09-2007 08:11:18

Don't do them, they don't credit. Scholastic doesn't credit anymore either I know that. Also they give you a lot of crap on the phone, I just hung up on them.


02-09-2007 08:25:24

All those offers are fine on Ideal...


02-09-2007 09:26:03

i think i got credit for living cristian


02-09-2007 09:51:22

I did several scholastic (yes I have kids to read the books) and about 1/2 of them credited after two weeks (even the yfdirect took two weeks).


02-09-2007 12:04:34

[quotedd557879ef="chewy"]i think i got credit for living cristian[/quotedd557879ef]

and I know I did )

but I think it took 14 days or so...


02-09-2007 12:40:56

almost been a month.

damn fake Christians!!!


02-09-2007 20:44:14

I got credit for the Christian one on Ideal and Stock Trader on one of the Brandarama sites (it was within a week).


02-09-2007 21:23:44

I got credit for stock trader in 3 days, haven't done any others