Best DIY site to get a plasma/LCD?

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22-08-2007 20:44:46

I am looking to get a plasma or LCD TV and I am not familar at all with DIY sites, only referral ones, and I am wondering what is everyones opinion on the best DIY site to get one. All factors shall be considered such as Offer crediting, cost to complete all offers, length of time, etc...Thanks everyone.


22-08-2007 20:58:11

First obligatory link http//[]http// If you read the subject list of this forum you will see a very active plasma site.


22-08-2007 21:58:18

Wow, great info there...that does nothing for me as I am looking for the opinions of other FiPG members who have done certain sites themselves so I can make a good decision before jumping into it. I do not see my post as a problem nor anyone else that is asking for friendly advice. And as for Google, what is that going to do for me except bring up a huge list of sites that I know nothing about?


23-08-2007 06:26:43

While Junior6886 is no longer the DIY mod, his admonishment in that post still stands. There is plenty of information and member feedback on numerous TV sites available both here and elsewhere on the net.