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19-08-2007 14:22:31

I completed Ideal PLasma site mid june my account expired at the end of june, before my certificates were recieved by Ideal. My account still reads expired, so a few days after my account went expired I emailed support to ensure my certifcates were received, and received a response the next day or so stating.

Your certificates were processed and your gift will be shipping out in 6-8 weeks. (summary of what email said not actual email contents).

it has now been 8 weeks and my account still reads expired and i have yet to get my TV

I remember reading in the terms if certificates are received after account expiring status would be switch back to processing, i feel my account was manually approved and not switched to processing. What do you guys think i should do to resolve this issue?


19-08-2007 14:41:58

Nothing we can do that you don't already know/ done. Either keep contacting them through the contact us link or pm molly here on fipg.


20-08-2007 08:10:05



20-08-2007 08:33:36


Thanks for the added input.


20-08-2007 09:17:18

i always like to help.


20-08-2007 22:31:26

I will send molly a pm in a few more days, I sent her a pm earlier but i'm sure she gets a ton of pm's a day. and I know she doesn't have to do what she does so i don't want to bother her too much but i do want to get this issue resolved.


21-08-2007 17:46:01

Another ideal question... Both the person I signed up under and myself completed the offer requirements (all offers approved) before his account expired, but I never showed as approved on his page. Will ideal be able to correct this and send the guy I signed up under his gift?